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Growing up in Atlanta, G.A., Steven Lee
Beeber (or "Beeb!" as he was then known)
bemoaned not just the fact that none of
The Beatles were Jewish, but that Barry
Manilow and Neil Sedaka were. If not for
the examples made by Lou "the Jew" Reed
and Joey "Jewy" Ramone, he might have simply
given up and become an accountant.

The editor of the forthcoming anthology
AWAKE! A Reader for the Sleepless
work by such greats as James Tate, Margaret
Atwood, Louise Bourgeois, and the Suicide
Girls), Beeber’s work has appeared in The Paris
, Fiction, Bridge, The New York Times,
, MOJO, Maxim, Details, Conduit, Rain
, and elsewhere. He also blew sax for the
Atlanta-based Gospel-punk band The Chowder
. Once or twice, anyway.
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